New York - Pocket Brainbook App Reviews

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Thank you for making this app! There is so much great info and the summons section rocks! Keep up the good work. I recommend to every NY mos.

Great app

Great app it replaces the summons app and they update it to must have for every cop

I love this app!

The summons codes are great. It has a favorites tab too! Well done.

Not complete yet

I purchased this app....which has a yearly recurring charge built in, in the hopes that it would replace the summons app that no longer works with the I Phone updates. Unfortunately this app does not have the NYC VTL codes up and running yet. And the app is not as simple and streamlined as the old one with no “hammer list” option. Very disappointed so far. They really shouldn’t be selling this until it’s complete. Wouldn’t recommend yet

Surprisingly good!

I'd seen the flip books before. But saw an ad for the app. Figured why not right!?! But it really is surprisingly good. All state and NYC codes. Drug chart and info is the best thing I've ever seen. Phone numbers etc... Its really got about everything I could want.

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